Jensen Rogert


Jensen Rogert Associates represents a variety of clients in many areas of statute and public policy. We specialize in legislative lobbying, executive branch relations, public policy consultation, contract procurement, and association management.


We pride ourselves in maintaining solid relationships with elected officials on all levels of government, including the Executive Branch, Members of the Unicameral, Public Service Commissioners, key city council members and mayors, and our congressional delegation.

State Government

With our main focus centering on state government, we ensure our clients that when the Nebraska Legislature is in session, we have someone in the Rotunda from gavel to gavel every day. We prepare legislation for introduction, secure the introducer(s) for the legislation, present or assist with the presentation of public hearing testimony, work to garner support (or opposition) to pending legislation, and monitor PSC activities and agendas, along with certain city council agendas and advise to a certain degree on them as well.


Timely and accurate communication between us and our clients is an essential part of our business plan. All bills of interest are tracked daily during the session. Clients can expect at least weekly written communications on the activities in the Capitol, as well as spot notification of developments of particular interest, with attention to those requiring immediate action. Throughout the interim, written communications are sent with vital updates on issues when they happen or as often as the client directs.

Our Clients